Current Clients:

Insynctive’s ( Employers and Corporations purchase best-of-breed solutions for pre-hire, onboarding, HR, benefits administration, payroll, background checks, applicant tracking and more. NOW they want these solutions delivered on an integrated basis. They are turning to their 650,000 Providers of Services for an integrated solution that they don’t have. Insynctive provides the solution and more. This forms a growing $8B ARR SAM. Insynctive is a cloud based white label platform that is specifically designed and developed to offer an integrated set of uniquely flexible Pre-hire and Onboarding solutions, HRIS services, HR Compliance services, benefits administration for small and large groups, CRM/ Helpdesk/ Service desk tools, and our Insynctive Integrated Apps Marketplace™ consisting of pre-integrated best of breed third-party products and services that is configurable and customizable solution for business and corporations based on their needs. Insynctive has two solutions that we are bringing to the market, Insynctive Basic and Insynctive Full Service. The Insynctive Basic is for service providers and their small group companies that don’t have the complexity but they want an HRIS and Benefits Administration solution with pre-integrated payroll solutions that allows them to do business in a much more efficient, effective manner that reduces costs, provides employers with an easy to use solution, that also reduces paper to a by-product, eliminates redundancy, and improvers employee morale. The Insynctive Full Service is for mid-market to larger companies that have greater complexity. Insynctive Full Service has all of the Basic program plus our pre-hire and onboarding solutions plus the Insynctive Integrated Marketplace™ which offers pre-integrated third party best-of-breed products and services that are configurable to the needs of the business or corporations. We are pre-integrating Insynctive to payroll companies, time and attendance, background check, performance review and talent management solutions, e-Learning and Applicant Tracking, and 18 more categories that corporations purchase. We are seeking a major partner in each category but will integrate with any company that is willing to integrate with Insynctive. The Insynctive platform helps our Distributor Service Providers, reduce their costs and those of their clients, cross-sell additional products and services per client, win new business and generate greater revenues and profits.

JuiceHounds – JuiceHounds responsibility is to help Insynctive review and modify the Proforma, establish more formalized sales materials and take the solution out into the HR marketplace via the value chain members I know: Benefits Brokers/ Consultants, Third Party Administrators, Insurance Carriers, PEO, HRO and BPO solutions and other vendors who cater to this space. As we get traction, there will be significant interest by investors in Insynctive. Between the Angels and VCs that the executive team knows and the groups I have a relationship with directly and indirectly I anticipate a successful funding of Insynctive.

VizKinect ( – VizKinect designs, develops, and markets a framework for incorporating various biometric sensors (eye trackers, pulse rate monitors, electrodermal monitors, plus gesture recognition) to provide a highly accurate snapshot of a viewer's reaction to a visual stimulus.  This framework will integrate VizKinect's proprietary software with hardware supplied by sensor manufacturers, and are offered to advertising agencies, product placement organizations and focus groups as a method to determine ad and product placement effectiveness. This process will revolutionize the advertizing industry. 

JuiceHounds – Mr. Goldstein has joined the Board of Advisors.  JuiceHounds has put in a number of hours into the company to help them refine their Proforma and Executive Summary.   JuiceHounds will be raising $2M for VizKinect.

Former Clients:

VTour/Xplorit ( – VTour™ creates business, destinations and vicinity solutions thru an award winning SaaS platform to engage computer and mobile internet users in an immersive multimedia experience of self-selected discovery. The VTour platform delivers rich interactive virtual experiences, local insight and a deep content which result in significant end user engagement time for both advertisers and consumers. The VTour business and vicinity solution has multiple layers of rich information delivered through 360-degree views, integrated audio, video, e-commerce, maps, directories, events, activities (commercial and non-commercial), and social-media. Users can virtually tour corporate sights, movie and TV locations, lodging, restaurants, beaches, hiking, biking, skiing and captivating historical vignettes all in a manner that allows self directed discovery of a given geographic region at a new level of groundbreaking completeness. VTour is about to rebrand itself as XplorIt.

JuiceHounds – JuiceHounds was introduced to VTour by Blake Yeaman of Yeaman, LLC. JuiceHounds is hired as a business coach for the company. In conjunction with Mr. Yeaman, JuiceHounds is helping them refine their Strategic Direction, Go to Market Strategy, Proforma, Executive Summary and conversion to a Platform as a Service (PaaS). JuiceHounds will be helping VTour/ XplorIt raise $5.75M+.

ArmaTerra, Inc. is a start-up company that will produce and market patent pending, profitable, cost effective, environmentally friendly geotechnical earth reinforcement products at a national and international level. ArmaTerra, through its suppliers (which are tire recyclers) will modify and deliver combined recycled automobile tire treads using the ArmaTerra proprietary fastening and connection systems to provide stronger, longer lasting, green and more attractively priced reinforcement elements for earth slopes, for both temporary and permanent retaining walls and levees than our competitors.

ArmaTerra is now exiting stealth mode and will be selling its cost effective green solution in the earth slopes and retaining wall markets shortly.  Our initial principal product is called GeoTire™. ArmaTerra is excited about the $1 billion US market for reinforcement elements for earth slopes and for both temporary and permanent retaining walls.  ArmaTerra won’t need to handle the tires, just the paperwork, implementations and the money. The US levee system repair and strengthening market will be served by our second patent pending solution and will add $5 billion to our specific addressable market and these are worldwide problems and global markets.

JuiceHounds – Mr. Goldstein began working with ArmaTerra in May of 2011 and invested in a convertible note round in February 2012.  Mr. Goldstein was asked to join the Board of Directors as Chairman and is also acting as a business coach for ArmaTerra and as an advisor to the CEO Sergio Nevel and founder/ CTO Michael Merrill.  JuiceHounds has helped the company make significant progress.  ArmaTerra is now finalizing its costs of manufacturing it two products, assembly machines, the Proforma and Executive Summary and Business Plan. JuiceHounds will help ArmaTerra raise about $3M which will get the company to profitability and beyond.  JuiceHounds will possibly raise additional capital when ArmaTerra goes global.

Maslow Six Entertainment, Inc. (M6E) ( develops and manages a diversified portfolio of high growth potential products in the online, social and mobile games market. 

Pain: Although the games market is very exciting and still accelerating rapidly, individual game creators and entrepreneurs suffer from little to no product diversification and typically, an incomplete management team.  At the same time, most individual investors also lack access to a diversified product mix and the vehicle to participate in “roll-up” liquidity opportunities in play at the moment.

Opportunity:  M6E offers investors a chance to participate in a high growth space where modest investments can be leveraged to produce high returns with managed risk across a diversified portfolio.  Based on current market dynamics, the return on investment potential of the entire portfolio is very significant, and even a single successful product can provide a positive return for the entire company by itself.

Solution:  M6E identifies unique intellectual property (IP) stemming either from its proprietary internal “think tank” (the Council of Creators the “CoC”) or from our deep external industry network.  IP is then carefully cultivated through a five stage process.  The M6E business model pairs an experienced management team and capital with brilliant (and occasionally famous) product developers and as a result creates a fantastic diversified portfolio of games. M6E is currently raising funds to co-found several developing projects, file/administrate additional patents, expand the function of the CoC, and increase activity in the project pipeline process.
M6E goal is to provide investors with superior cash flow and returns on investment.  M6E offers investors a chance to participate in a high growth space where small investments can be leveraged to produce high returns with managed risk over a diversified portfolio of investments.

JuiceHoundsMr. Goldstein was the Chief Operating Officer for M6E from August 2011 through January 2012.  Mr. Goldstein worked with the CEO to refine the strategic and tactical plans and goals of the company.  Mr. Goldstein recruited the CFO of the company and together we are redesigned and refined the Proforma.  We also made financial recommendations to the CEO for fund raising and helping with introductions and went to meetings with the CEO.  Mr. Goldstein was also in charge of the day to day operations, goal and milestone setting and support structures of the business units, subsidiary companies and joint ventures.

AcroTech Systems develops rapid bedside diagnostic technologies to aid the clinician in the diagnosis and care of severe and potentially life-threatening diseases. AcroTech’s technologies enable dramatically improved speed and quality of care for the patient, reduced medical malpractice liability lawsuits for the surgeon or physician, and deep healthcare cost savings for hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies.
The Acrotech CSFTestβT™ is its first product that provides a rapid bedside test solution for Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leak detection for trauma related fluids and post surgical fluids.  Our device delivers an answer in 20 to 30 minutes.  This data point helps emergency workers and physicians determine the proper course of action which improves patient outcomes, reduces healthcare costs and medical malpractice liability lawsuits.

JuiceHounds – Mr. Goldstein was recruited to be the CEO of AcroTech Systems, Inc. from January 2010 to March 2011.  Mr. Goldstein revised the Proforma and Executive Summary and financing schema.  Mr. Goldstein was instrumental in finding the companies that were needed to verify the science, design the medical device prototype, and can shepherd the company from prototype, to manufacturing, to testing, FDA approval and finally to commercialization.

Created in 1997, BISNet was very successful as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the benefits communication, enrollment, administration and premium bill reconciliation business.  BISNet had a who’s who for a list of clients such as eBay, E*Trade, Sony PlayStation, Dryers Ice Cream, the Howroyd Group (All In One and Apple One staffing companies) and Blue Shield of California.  We grew the company against all odds, successfully competed against bigger established companies like SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft and against much better funded companies ($25M, $50M, one at $130M and more) during the dot com boom and bust.  BISNet was successfully sold in May of 2005 to BenefitStreet, Inc. Mr. Goldstein was the division President.  BISNet was resold again in May of 2008.  At the end of 2010, Dryers Ice Cream, the Howroyd Group (All In One and Apple One staffing companies) and Blue Shield of California and others were still using the BISNet systems and hadn’t converted to the current owners system. 

JuiceHounds – Mr. Goldstein was as the founder, initial and a subsequent investor, Chairman and CEO of BISNet, Inc.