JuiceHounds Coaches:

Gary M. Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur.

His experience is as a founder of 2 companies, a professional division head or CEO of others allows him to be a versatile and powerful addition to a SaaS company, a Financial Services/ Insurance company, a medical device company or a combination of them. Mr. Goldstein’s specialties are competitive analysis, review of financial documentation and financing, growing a company to profitability, Internet B2B, and mentoring people. In the right cases Mr. Goldstein is willing to discuss other full time arrangements. Mr. Goldstein can be elected as a Chairman and can possibly be the CEO, COO of the company.

Eric Copeland

Mr. Copeland is a former CEO of Mayacama Energy, which he sold. Prior to that, Mr. Copeland was a General Partner of Venrock. Mr. Copeland has retired twice now. Mr. Copeland has a great rolodex of people he knows and a breadth of experiences that he can bring to the table.

Keith I. Chrestionson

Mr. Chrestionson is a Labor & Employment attorney and a Partner with Fox Rothschild. Mr. Chrestionson is also the Managing Partner of the San Francisco office. Mr. Chrestionson has a great deal of experience and is a natural with general business opportunities. Mr. Chrestionson of course can bring in various legal people from his firm as is needed.

Blake Yeaman

Mr. Yeaman is a marketing professional, with over 30 years of experience. He is the President of Yeaman LLC, a marketing strategy and business development firm. Mr. Yeaman has depth of expertise in traditional and new age marketing, government proposals and business start up. With 11 years at Sun Microsystems, Mr. Yeaman has an extensive resource base in high technology.

Will Garratt

A builder and operator with 20yrs experience in the branded consumer product space, Will Garratt has managed both organic and stratospheric growth for some of the world's strongest brands. With a diverse branded consumer products background, and substantial experience in profitably growing sport nutrition and sport-affiliated product companies, Garratt brings proven expertise in business development, strategic planning, and market execution to entrepreneurs and their start-up or early stage brands.