Services Provided

Here are some of the ways our JuiceHounds coaches can help our clients:

Meet with the client to discuss, establish or revise a strategic plan and tactical plan that is milestone-based and executable.

Meet with the clients to discuss and put together or revise the financial model and Proforma:

1) Develop projections of how they expect to grow the company

2) Work together to identify what their costs are and therefore what price the product should be sold for so that a profit is made from each sale

3) Engage their clients and solicit their constructive feedback in order to improve the corporation and its processes internally and externally

4) Develop a decision tree deciding at what point they might need to hire people either as independent contractors or as employees

5) Develop projections on getting the company to profitability and beyond

Putting together or revise a business plan that reflects how they want to grow the company:


1) Help introduce them to attorneys (Corporate, Intellectual Property, Labor) and accounting services

2) Help them with putting together the capital table (ownership)

3) Help put together supplier and customer agreements

4) Be a sounding board for ideas and various thoughts

5) Help them with identification product/ revenue lines, etc.

For Start-ups

1) Help them start the corporation

2) Discuss bootstrapping, running and driving the business to profitability

3) Help set the strategic goals

4) Help make sure the plan is being followed

5) Help make sure the people are focused, and

6) Act as an independent consultant/ business coach.